Sunday, February 22, 2009

A "BIG" brother??

Woo there~

Hey everyone. Check out these new pics! Could it be that I might be getting a new BIG brother? Has Mom been lookin' for a playmate for me that's realli Summi size?

Here are a couple handsome fellas. Can you tell it was cold out? Woo can see their breath!!

Check out this guy....a bi-eyed Siberian HORSE!!

If you think I have a big snooter, check out the close up on this guy!! But he doesn't have a snow nose....

Mom likes this picture....
but she told me that this is her favorite.

Ummm....I reminded her that "THIS" should be her favorite. **ATTN VIEWERS** Summ of the content in the next picture may be considered offensive or disturbing. If you have an aversion to viewing surgical procedures and decapitations, please do not view the following picture.

HEY...I'm a WORKING breed and I got a furri special award at the recent MangoMinster (more on that soon) AND I have a snow nose......HaROOOO!!!!

I'll be on the lookout for a new playmate, I hope you enjoyed checking out the options with me.

Remember to keep it furri!

Your pal,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Fair Time

Woo there EveriPup~

What do you think of the title? It's not realli "Fair Time" cuz it's actualli February, but it is "Fair Time" for my blog. My assistant has been hiding these pictures away and I was pawing through her stash and thought I should share them.

For starters, they have a "baby" building at the fair and here are some of the babies that were born at the fair. Here is a baby goat and his/her very tired Mommi.....

Here is a little lamb....I wonder where Mary is?They brought the Budweiser Clydesdales this year. Here is one of the awesome members of the team....

And here is their beautiful canine mascot. Rumor has it "she" took a couple unscheduled excursions through the fairground and they had to put out an APD (all points dalmation) bulletin to get her back....

Mom and Dad always head through the Agriculture Building too. It has the Famous Butter Cow and this year also had a Butter Shawn (Olympic Champion) Johnson. It also has all the fruit and vegetable displays. They always check out the vegetables because one of their very good friends is an amazing vegetable gardner and talented woodsmith. He wins lots of ribbons and this year got the Grand Champion ribbon for his vegetable display. This is it below....

Well, I hope you liked these pictures from The Iowa State Fair. Phew....this has worn me out. It was quite the tour wasn't it? Thanks for joining me. Care to join me for a nap....

Until next time...remember to keep it furri everione,

Your pal,