Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who is this "Thunder" guy??

I've been hearing a lot the last week or so about some special Siberian by the name of Thunder. Mom was spending some time with her "Sibernutter" friends when she saw a post about this guy who was in a shelter in Jefferson, IA. That is only about an hour and a half away from us so she decided to help get him a new home. He was one popular guy!! Several people said they would like to give him a furever home. His new family ended up being in Colorado so Mom left me with Dad fur the weekend and picked up "El Guapo" (the name the nice shelter lady gave him because it means "Handsome one") in Jefferson then snagged Holly's mom (who also left Holly for the weekend) then they picked up another little guy in Salina, KS. His name was Skylar. The gal told them that Skylar had "bitten someone" in his adoptive home, that he didn't like men and didn't like the back of his neck touched. Well, in my mal-opinion, if some stupid guy had been mean to me and hurt my neck I wouldn't like them either and I probably would have asked him to stop with my teeth too!!! Mom didn't think that he even did that because all he did was a little play biting and who hasn't done THAT???
Anyway, they took off and headed across Kansas and into Colorado. They met Ralph who was going to rehab and foster Skylar in Castle Rock, CO. Skylar didn't like him but Ralph got down on the ground and was very patient with him. With the help of a couple livergreat sandwiches he soon had Skylar "eating out of his hand". Mom said livergreat worked wonders!! It was even what got Skylar in Ralph's truck and Ralph was so nice that he didn't mind shaking Mom's hand even though it had livergreat on it!!! Holly's mom has all the pictures of Skylar and I am sure Holly will make her put some of them on Holly's blog....or there will be squishing and smooshing until it happens.

While Skylar was "all puppy" the "Mal-a-Moms" (I think they like that new name) decided that Thunder was actually a cat zipped into a Siberian suit!!! He slept a lot and was a perfect gentleman the entire trip. He was really good with Skylar too! Since his new sister is the legendary Stormy, who is the expert at tissue destruction and re-distribution, they are hoping that she will woo that cat right out of him and help him find his inner-Sibe!

Here are some pictures of the handsome Thunder during his trip and meeting his new family.

Mom said he was a really good c0-pilot....well, until he fell asleep. Which he did a lot! They thought is was maybe some of the quietest time that he might have had in a while.

Yup....this is what he looked like most of the time.

Here he is at his new home....

Hello there new Mommy!!!

Woo don't look like a Siberian! (That's one of Stormy's Pompom brothers JoJo)

That's Holly's Mom and Thunder's new Mom checking him for a zipper. He looks pretty comfortable already, doesn't he???

Mom was very happy to be able to help these two Siberians get new homes and I was furry glad to see her when she got home!! She had visited with the AO4 on the way home and said that my good pal Dave was just one sweet guy AND they gave them their Sunday Salute which meant a lot to Mom. I am glad she got to check Dave out in "fur"son since he and my mal-a-sis Holly are now apparently "promised" to each other. I'll let one of their Moms tell THAT story. She said that I would like all of the AO4 and they put on quite the Siberian skills show. She said they were very gracious hosts and hostesses and that their Mom and Dad were wonderful too.

Maybe next time they take off on one of these excursions they will take me along. Gonna have to work on her with the ole "chocolate browns" a bit more....

High paws to Thunder and Skylar, the Mal-a-Moms and evefurryone that helped these fine boys. That includes all of the Sibernutters who kept them in their thoughts and prayers during the trip. I know that meant a lot to Mom.

Remember to Keep it Furry.....



Turbo the Sibe said...

You sure are lucky to have one of the Mala-moms live with you!

The Army of Four said...

Woo, Summi! I loved hearing more about the story! Aren't those pictures of Thunder just wonderful! I hope he and his Stormy get to be as good as friends as me and my Stormy are! Your mom and Holly's mom are our heroes for getting Thunder and Skyler to their new homes!!!
Could you smell all the messages we left all over your mom? Wow, I've gotta tell ya, buddy, you've got one WONDERFUL mom! I gave her lots of hugs - I hope that's OK!
You look killer-cute in that picture. Who could look into those pools of chocolate and not say "YES" to anything you ask for!?!? My sister Amber thinks you're mighty handsome!
Thanks for sharing your mom with all of us! Give her a hug for me, OK?

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrrr Summit
Great to hear yer Mom be back home with you and had a good trip Harrrr.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Are WOO a sight for sore eyes - I've missed my Summi SOOOO much!

I hope woo like those naughty pikhs I sent - *WINK WINK*

Your mummi and Hbbb's mom are just the greatest fur making Stormy and THUNDER's mom one happy lady in KholWOOrado!!!

Great pikhs of the bonding - looks like a family made in HuskyHaven but here on EARTH!!!

NOW, please go snoozle, smoosh, and skhwish your mummi, Summi!

Wags and Wuv,
Your gal Khyra

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi Woo Summitt,
The Mala-moms did a wonderful job on their journey. That was so nice to read about.
-Cosmos & Juneau-

Holly said...

Oh Summi, my mom said she had such a good time with your mom! She was so happy to help out with Thunder and Skyler. Mom said they were both adorable, and is working on getting our photo's and video posted.

You are sooooooo cute!!!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Your mom is a super great person for helping Thunder and Skyler!

Steve & Kat

Joe Stains said...

Your Mom is super PAWESOME!

CareAgain Wolf Studies said...

Hi Summi,
Sorry it's taken us so long to come visit, but when mom told us there were pics of the Mal-a-moms trip we had to come by to see woo. We're gonna add a link to your bloggy so we can start visiting woo regularly along with the rest of our pals. Stop by and see us some time and say hi, when you get a chance.
Kisses from FL,
Bama, Mikki, Chili & Cracker

CareAgain Wolf Studies said...

Oh no, our last post says it's from the CareAgain blog, it should have our page on it, we're gonna have to get mama to work on fixing that! our address is:
Bama & the RHP

The Daily Echo said...

We're just dropping in to say "THANK WOO!" to Summi's Mummi (can you tell who we've been hanging out with?) for literally going the distance for those 2 bewootiful Sibes.

Marley said...

The Mala-moms are just the best!

And MY mom thinks that you're one handsome dude!


One of the pack said...

What an awesome Mom you have, and y'all are so sweet to share her love! Great rescue stories! That was a mighty long trip for a furever home.
Definitely a 10 tail wagging event.

Thanks from the husky cousins in Dallas!

Jan said...

That is fantastic! Those are two fortunate dogs, to have such special handling and travel arrangements.

jans funny farm

The Army of Four said...

Hi Summi! It's AMber! Could you smell me on your mummi? She was so nice and I gave her smoochies!
I gave you an award today - please stop by the blog when you can!

Kapp pack said...

Thunder has a spotted belly like me! He looks very happy!

Kisses, Sky boy

Jan said...

We love rescue stories with a happy ending. Your mom and the others did a great job.

jans funny farm