Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Birthday n' Stuff

I want to thank all of you for your thoughtful Birthday Wishes! It's nice to have sooo many great friends. Speaking of friends, as some of you may know, I have a new friend. It's Dave with the Army of Four. We got off to a bit of a rough start but sometime those are the friendships that remain the strongest. I can't think of too many birthday gifts that are better than a new friend!

On to the birthday celebration. It actually didn't get started on time because of some Central Iowa silliness called "Beggar's Night". If you didn't grow up here and already know what it is, I will try to describe it. It's like Halloween, but it's not on Halloween. It always happens on October 30th. Somewhere way back in history some silly bi-ped thought it would be safer for the little bi-ped kids to not be out on Halloween with all the big, scary bi-peds. So they just made this day up. Anyway, the little bi-peds dress up and do their door-to-door trick-0r-treating....AND....they have to tell a joke (the "trick") before they get their candy (the "treat"). It actually ends up being kind of fun unless you move in new to the area and don't have any candy on the 30th.

OK...that's why the party started late...kind of...since we live out in the "sticks" there are no little bi-peds that come to our house EXCEPT for the little niece Cheyenne who is four. She comes special to our house every year and the hu-mom gets her a special pumpkin and loads it up with goodies. We had to wait outside until she left cuz...well, since there are five of us and she is little and she came as the cute little Indian Princess Pocahontas, they didn't want us to bump her around, mess up her costume or try to steal her pumpkin. She did have some stuff in there I would have liked though!!

Once they were gone, we came in and look what I found. Mom said I should check it out cuz she didn't think I had ever seen one.

It was pretty neat...Mom said his name was Jack O'Lantern.

Soon it was time for the livergreat cake. It came on top of my regular dinner and had a candy corn candle on top. I LOVED it and made it disappear in no time. I shared pieces with my SibeSibs so everyone was happy.

Between all the nice birthday wishes, making a new friend (woof-out to Dave), meeting my first jack-o-lantern and having my own livergreat cake, it was a wonderful birthday. Thanks for making it extra special.

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The Army of Four said...

Wooooo, Summit! Hey, what a really nice post! With us being friends, I get a present, too! I love having friends. I'm going to add your link to our sidebar, OK? Woo!
And that Jack guy looks interesting - I may have seen some of his cousins around here!