Saturday, October 30, 2010

Summiiii or Summiv?

Woo there Everibodi~
Check out all the new happenings in Iowa over the last year...

Long time no "woo". I'm sure mi assistant will try to make summ kind of lame excuse for the extreme lapse in posts like...the above new addition to our furamili in Fall 2009 or these two sweet faces that joined the bipeds in April 2010. Have no fear, I'm still here enjoying snacks and practicing fur mi big day. Yep, it's's a birthday. Now, how am I going to sign the post? Maybe you can help me. Vote for your favorite...Summiiii or Summiv.

Remember to "keep it furri".
Your pal,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We don't need no STINKIN' LEASHES...

Woo there Everione~

Check out the pics from today. Mom is startin' to trust us a little more so today was mi first ever "free" day. I got to cruise the yard with NO LEASH!! Kaynh and Echo did too for a little bit. Kiana got a free run with Kaynh but had Dad worried when she didn't come back from the deer corner right away. Mom wasn't as worried as he was. She trusts us a little more than he does. Everipup except for Denali got a free run. He's a known flight risk but he got a run with the long rope today so he was happi. BTW....we've got her right where we want her...HA!!

I bet all of woo are wondering why she would give us a "free" day...if you have to know right away you can look at the veri last picture. Be brave though and check out the other pics first.

Ahh....the smell of FREEDOM!!!!

Cruisin' the garden....

Perimeter duty and patrol with Kaynh...
The reasons.....
Can you tell what they are? This is a Momma raccoon and her two babies. We snoofed out at least five of 'em so far. Woo just never know what you're gonna snoof around here.....
Keep it furri everione~
Your pal,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shirts for Phantom

Woo there Everione~

Gheesh, FINALLY!! I woo'd and woo'd at Mom to get me back on here. There was summthin' furri important that I needed to get done. I flashed the chocolate browns at her and then threatened to smoosh her and finalli she caved and was putti in my paws for the evening. I directed her to the bedroom and convinced her to find the craziest colored shirt she could and then I challenged her to squeeze me in to it. It is actualli quite stretchi and maybe even a little bit comfi. Aniway, I'm joining summ of my furiends in shirt support blogs fur our buddi Phantom of the OP Pack. He had summ surgery and is not too happi about having to wear "the shirt" so a bunch of us wanted to show him that it isn't all that bad and we have managed to actualli put a lot of smiles on the biped faces whilst trying on summ biped "fur". Well, here's my photo shoot. Phantom...just wanted to give you a "woo out": I'm here fur ya pal. Keep feelin' better everiday!!!!
Here's summthin' to put that Siberian smile back on yer face smile.... this what they call a muscle shirt?

HaRooo......Get Well Soon!!!

Remember.....Keep it Furri Everione!!

Your pal,


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Woo there~

Long time no blog but my assistant's computer has been at the vet for quite a while. It's finally feeling better so she said she would get a short blog out fur me.

I'm tossing out a couple pics and I'm just gonna let them speak for themselves.

HollyBollyBoo's Mom (before KhadyLyn) snugglin' with me in May 08:

HollyBollyBoo and KhadyLyn's Mom snugglin' with me in April 09:

What???? Oh...yeah....all that dirt in the picture right? Well, the Dyson needs something to do.

Remember to keep it furri everione.

Your pal,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

When Cheatin' Is Good.....

Woo there Everipup, Kitti, Hammi and Biped~

I'm sure woo all will understand the title of this blog by the time it's all done so I'll get started splainin'. See, everi now n' then Mom just takes off and when she comes back there is lots of snoofin' to do. Here are some pics of what she's been up to....

This is Lacey. She was one of the first pups that we snoofed on Mom after she had been away on a weekend day. Usually, she hangs around with us on the weekends but this day she was gone for a few hours and came home smellin' like a Brittney. I heard from my Mal-a-Sis, HollyBolliBananaBoo, that her bipeds and MY Mom had a rendevoux in Adair, IA and shared some time with Lacey. The Woo Crew and I received some good intel provided by my SibeSibs' handsome brothers (Echo's brother, Dante and Kaynh's brother, Koda), that THEIR Mom and MY Mom met in Des Moines with this pretti girl and THEY snoofed Brittney too when their Mom got home....HMMMM!

Then she was gone another day and came home smellin' like a little yellow lab boy. I couldn't find any photographic evidence of this guy. I heard her say that he was like a blur on the end of the leash. All over the place, I guess. She reportedly hung out with him in Des Moines for a bit. Rumor has it she got him a duck toy and he chewed it's yellow foot off before she knew it. She figures someone down the line probably noticed some sort of yellow "deposit" and is still wondering what "that" was. They were spotted walking together at a park and she was giving him treats and water. Pfft....probably one of MY treats that she snuck outta here.

Then there was TODAY. She fussed around with the car and I saw her re-arranging some stuff. I saw a blanket, a bowl and TREATS go in the car. She came out and gave us our Scoobi Snacks and sang MY song to me so I would dance for her and wished us well with her signature "Bye Babies, Have a good day, I love you" and away she went. She was gone ALL DAY LONG and came home smelling like:

AUSSIES!!! These girls are AUSSOME aren't they? What beauties!! That's Daisy on the left with the blue leash and on the right is her bewootiful sis, Lily. Mom called them The Flower Girls. Hey, I just want it to be known right now that I would not have been opposed to Mom hijacking them from their furever home and bringin' them HERE!!!

OK...I hope woo are all ready for a little exercise cuz Mom is totally blogger challenged and took a couple veri good pics BUT can't figure out how to turn them the right way, so warm up those neck muscles and check out these pics....

Aren't they just adorable? This stoopid economi has affected way too many good bipeds and these girls' Mom had to make a veri difficult,but loving decision and found some wonderful people that helped find these girls a new, wonderful home. They started in Lincoln, NE and will end up on 20 acres near Pittsburgh, PA which is furri "khose" to a veri special, brown-eyed, fluffi-tailed girl o' mine. They are spending the night in Indiana tonight and will make their way to their furever home by the end of Sunday. What brave, adventurous girls!!

So woo see....summ times cheatin' IS good. It's been interesting to "meet" these pups via snoof-mail and I can't help but bust with happiness and hope that they have furri long and happi lives ahead of them.

What? What do I do while Mom is off cheatin'? Well....I practice my surgical skills:


work on my SnoNose!!!!

So remember, summ times when your biped comes back home and you know they've been cheatin' on woo, it's not always what you think. Summ times they are doin' somethin' realli special. So, I want to take this opportunity to give a Summi-sized PAWS UP to all of the special bipeds out there who luv us, support us and care fur us whether we are theirs or not.

Remember to keep it furrii....

Your pal,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A "BIG" brother??

Woo there~

Hey everyone. Check out these new pics! Could it be that I might be getting a new BIG brother? Has Mom been lookin' for a playmate for me that's realli Summi size?

Here are a couple handsome fellas. Can you tell it was cold out? Woo can see their breath!!

Check out this guy....a bi-eyed Siberian HORSE!!

If you think I have a big snooter, check out the close up on this guy!! But he doesn't have a snow nose....

Mom likes this picture....
but she told me that this is her favorite.

Ummm....I reminded her that "THIS" should be her favorite. **ATTN VIEWERS** Summ of the content in the next picture may be considered offensive or disturbing. If you have an aversion to viewing surgical procedures and decapitations, please do not view the following picture.

HEY...I'm a WORKING breed and I got a furri special award at the recent MangoMinster (more on that soon) AND I have a snow nose......HaROOOO!!!!

I'll be on the lookout for a new playmate, I hope you enjoyed checking out the options with me.

Remember to keep it furri!

Your pal,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Fair Time

Woo there EveriPup~

What do you think of the title? It's not realli "Fair Time" cuz it's actualli February, but it is "Fair Time" for my blog. My assistant has been hiding these pictures away and I was pawing through her stash and thought I should share them.

For starters, they have a "baby" building at the fair and here are some of the babies that were born at the fair. Here is a baby goat and his/her very tired Mommi.....

Here is a little lamb....I wonder where Mary is?They brought the Budweiser Clydesdales this year. Here is one of the awesome members of the team....

And here is their beautiful canine mascot. Rumor has it "she" took a couple unscheduled excursions through the fairground and they had to put out an APD (all points dalmation) bulletin to get her back....

Mom and Dad always head through the Agriculture Building too. It has the Famous Butter Cow and this year also had a Butter Shawn (Olympic Champion) Johnson. It also has all the fruit and vegetable displays. They always check out the vegetables because one of their very good friends is an amazing vegetable gardner and talented woodsmith. He wins lots of ribbons and this year got the Grand Champion ribbon for his vegetable display. This is it below....

Well, I hope you liked these pictures from The Iowa State Fair. Phew....this has worn me out. It was quite the tour wasn't it? Thanks for joining me. Care to join me for a nap....

Until next time...remember to keep it furri everione,

Your pal,