Friday, December 28, 2007

A Furry Merry Christmas

A late but very sincere wish that you all had a furry Merry Christmas!! It seems like my bipeds were in "hurry" mode for the last week. Mom took off last Friday to pick up her Mom and drove for several hours in the icky fog. Then on Saturday they all left and Dad dropped off the girls at the fancy sitting place and they watched the Rockettes kick around the stage. When they tried to come home they discovered that the new snow, bitter cold and howling winds (no, not us) had made our long driveway like a bobsled run. Mom was worried but Dad and his trusty truck got everyone home safe. We all came in early and lounged around all night. Grandmom likes us a whole bunch and gives us lots of ear skritchies but we have to be careful that we don't knock her down cuz she's 82...that's like 574 in dog years!!! Mom did her best to keep me off the bed where Grandmom was but I got up there to wake her up anyway. Nobody should miss being awakened by a Super Morning Mal!! They left the next day and took the Grandmom back to Glenwood where they celebrated Christmas with the pup-cousins - two pugs (Rocky and Zeke), a schnoodle (Ebby) and a jack russell terror (Cruiser)! They were back that night and we were very glad to see them. Then it was Christmas Eve and they wrapped a whole bunch of presents, Dad cleaned the carpet and Mom did some food planning then they had to go into town (yes, they are HICKS now) and finish up stuff for Christmas Day. We got to come in early cuz Mom was tired and just wanted to hang out with us for a while.

Christmas morning came and everyone went outside for a while while Mom did some more party preparations and we finally got to come back in and check out our Secret Santa gift and some special stuffies that Dad had picked out for us. The carpet was covered with dog toys!! Mom was making pickle wraps and each of us got a piece of ham with some cream cheese!!! Now we KNEW it was Christmas.
Here are some pictures of our tree and our toys. I have a picture of Grandmom too but I will save it for the next time.

Here are a couple of those infamous ate tiny reindeer!
There's another one...
These are the bewootiful ornaments that our Sibernet Secret Santa sent. Notice who is in the MIDDLE and it has my WHOLE name!!
Denali and his blue stuffie. He said he chose it cuz it matched his eyes!!
Kiana giving me the "look". Notice she has TWO of our AirDog balls!! I'm going to call her Kiana the Ball Hog Badger!!
Now you know why Mom calls her "Princess Echo"....what a suck-up!! I think she is faking!!
Kaynh hoping that Mom will take those jinglers off his collar so he can hear his ball squeak.
Well, of course those other pictures are of me.
Now, about these last two pictures....
I am going to have a contest to see if any of woo know what kind of tracks these are that the
bi-peds found in our snow on Christmas Day??

Do woo know???
Contest results and the correct answer...along with a picture of the Grandmom coming soon!!!
Stay tuned, stay warm and celebrate the New Year responsibly.
Us furkids need our bipeds to be safe!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Special Delivery

A very special delivery came for me yesterday in a brown truck. It came all the way from Pennswoolvania and it was from a most special khute khanine!! This is me checking to see if she might have just sent herself in the box....

Well, she wasn't in there...well, she kind of was....there was a picture of her in there!!! Mom put it up on the glass door by my crate so I can look at her when I'm in it. I thought that was really nice of her!!
There were two containers of most delicious treat in the box and I told Mom to put it down closer for me so I could see what else was in there.

Hmm....what is this??? is my very own TOOL BOX!! It was filled with neat tools too. It had a ball, wrench, hammer and a paintbrush!! I think she remembers that I do like to work on drywall and these will come in very handy for that! I have to spend some time planning my first project.

I wonder what it will be???
Actually, I think I am going to have Mom get those treats open...I need some food so I can think straight. I'm going to go in my crate and make her give it to me in there so I can look at that bewootiful picture AND have a snack. Hmmm...that's about a perfect night for a guy, isn't it???
Thank woo Khyra!! I love everything that you sent!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shopping for an Ice Maker - Call Mother Nature

Mom says I have to make this quick but I wanted to get out a few pics of what's been goin on around here. As you know, the Midwest has been hit by an ICE STORM! We haven't had any power at our house for over 36 hours. FINALLY, the house is starting to feel like it was made just for ME and my Sibe-lings! She'll probably whine to all of you later but for now, here are some "cool" pictures I picked "ice"specially for you!

Our view!
Our driveway before Dad got to it.

Dad being dangerous!!

Echo checking out some breaking trees!
Me checking out Mom.



Kaynh feeling lucky he's outside!!
He sprinkled on our sparkly tree inside!
Mom made him sit with part of the tree to "make-up".
I told you!!!

Kiana hoping that the house cools off.

There is something in our hay....I think it's a mouse but he is quite stealthy!
We decided that it was football weather. Kiana and Kaynh were on one side....


Well that's it for now. Everypup and everyone stay safe.

From SiberIA...

Summi the Super (I'm off to take care of some icicles) Mal

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Catchin' Up

It appears as though I have a bit of catching up to do. And, I'm not too sure where to start so I'll just start:
Once all the sleepy juice wore off I was pretty much back to normal. It took me a couple of days to finally convince the bi-peds to let me trot around a bit but after a while they just let me do what I normally around the dog yard, jump on the fences, watch for the darn porch cat and just be me.
In the middle of my recovery came Thanksgiving and my hu-mom's mom's 82nd birthday. They were gone to Kansas City for the turkey celebration with my hu-brother and then they went to Omaha and Council Bluffs for the birthday party. They came back from that trip with some familiar but suspicious smells on them. I looked all over for Holly but I couldn't find her. Mom whispered to me that they had SNUCK OVER TO HOLLY'S HOUSE WITHOUT ME!!! See if I ever blink-blink my chocolate browns at Mom ANYMORE!!! I wondered where she was going with our other big husky stuffie. Rumor is it lives in Omaha now. Mom didn't take any pictures but if I know Holly's hu-mom...SHE DID!!
As you know, I put up my Christmas tree on my blog. What WONDERFUL friends you are and THANK YOU for all my GREAT gifts. I know that each of you put a lot of thought into picking something out for me! I also see that Mom got some Mexijuice too...please, don't make it THAT easy for her!!!
Since then it's been pretty normal around our house but now we are getting some "real" weather and I am hearing that soon I get to try my XXL harness out with the sled!! Hopefully, SOMEONE will manage to get some pictures of that! Here is one from last year when I was so new that the sled was bigger than ME!!

I also heard them talking about putting up a real tree INSIDE??? I can hardly wait to see what that is all about. I kind of remember the sparkly lights from when I was just a little guy (was I ever little you might ask - see my howling practice pic) but I'm anxious to see what this is all about. I'll keep you posted.

I had to go to the vet the other day cuz Mom freaked out about a sore that I had on my leg. I'm fine...she's the "pain". Dr. June thinks it is just a callous but they are going to watch it. OH...OH, I can't forget to tell everyone that the little thinking machine at the vet said 119. Just a few more livergreat samwiches and I'll be making that thing think even harder.
Hmmm...what else...oh yeah...I'm taking agility classes for some reason. Pretty much what that means to me right now is that I get livergreat samwiches if I do the stuff that Mom asks me to do. Turn this way...turn that way....wait for a treat....WHAT!!! (See above where I said she was a "pain").
Please remember to take care of each other. As we have been reminded lately, family and friends need to be cherished. With all the fires, floods, bridge and shooting tragedies and all of our guys and girls in the service, there are a lot of people to care about. If you can't woo to them in person just give a little nod upward and ask for their safety and comfort.
Look what Mom did to me...she found jingly thingys and put them on me. It's not like I'm going to get LOST in the HOUSE!! Oh well...she hugs me and tells me I'm handsome so I wear them around and make noise for her.

I better go check out what's goin on outside. The weatherman said SNOW. I'll let you know if he was right.

Take Care EveryPup!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What the heck!!

That was my first response when I got dropped off at the vet yesterday. What the heck!?!

Last time I went there I jumped on the scale, jumped back off and went right back out the door. Not this time!! They put me in one of their boxes for a while so I made my displeasure about that known!! I heard Mom telling Annie at the front desk that she might want to think about taking phone calls outside. Annie laughed at her!! She wasn't laughing for very long!! They took me out of the box and shaved off some of my leg fur and stuck an ouchie thing in me. That's pretty much all I remember until I managed to moan and groan myself awake a little later. Mom came back for me and Katie (the tech) told her that I had quite a set of pipes on me! Well considering that I was walking funny and felt a little lighter back "there", I am guessing that it must have been a different set of "pipes" they were after. Mom took me to PetSmart and got me another of my most favorite "moosekolitos" and headed home for a long drink of water and a nap. This is me cuddling with my old moose. Mom forgot that I hadn't completely shredded the old one yet so she's saving the new one for later....or for Holly.

Thanks for thinking about me! Uhoh...I think I'm still a little.. s l e e p...e....e.....e...z...z..z.zzzzz!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Somethin's Up!?!

I'm not exactly sure what is goin' on around here but the bi-peds are doin' strange things. All the toilet seats are DOWN and all the drinking water is UP!! I heard Dad saying that "He's not gonna be happy in the morning when he can't have his bone." Then Mom said "He's not gonna be happy when he wakes up from the sleepy juice and figures out what else he's missing tomorrow either." I sure hope they're not talking about ME!! I WANT my morning bone and DON"T WANT whatever that sleepy juice is she's talkin about. I guess I'll have to wait to see what all this is about....I'll try to let everypup know tomorrow what's up....besides the water.

Holly's Relative??

My hu-mom thinks that she saw one of Holly's relatives at a place in Des Moines last week. What do you think?

Friday, November 16, 2007

New "favorite" spot

I FINALLY found it! My new favorite spot. I've been trying out a couple of places but this one seems to fit me just perfect. I like to be there at night and now Mom has figured it out and shines the little flashlight thing on me and laughs. I don't know what she thinks is soooo funny!!

She had to take this with her phone because she thought if she went down the hall for the "good" camera that I would get up. Silly woman....I'm comfy and I'm not goin' anywhere!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A little 'bout alot

This is going to be a little bit of sharing about kind of a lot of different stuff. First, I got to go in to the vet on Saturday for a weigh-in. This is me being squirmy on the scale.... and this is a picture of what the scale was "thinking" while I was on finally got done "thinking" at, I'm thinking that I'm not too little anymore!

Here is a picture of me waiting for Mom to "help" me in the car. I expect her to do this almost all the time...(except when I was showing off my jumping abilities to my big mal-a-sis HollyBBB).

and here I am enjoying the ride home....
I got to rest when I got home and then the fun began. Out comes the ATV and my XXXL harness and the hook-up lines...Denali and I took a quick practice run for my FIRST TIME and Mom thought I did pretty well. I wanted to go again so they let me go by myself this time...Dad is on the yellow ATV trying to show me where to go....
So this was the fun part of my day. Things were pretty much downhill from here....and so here comes the hard part about sharing stuff....

I have to admit that I have caused some kind of problem for my Mom and Dad...they ran an errand and always like to drive around the field to look for deer when they get back. When they pulled up by our kennel, something happened and I got really upset with Denali or he got mad at me so I thought the way to fix that would be to have a fight. Dad came in and broke it up. Mom took Denali in the house to check him over (he was OK) and now they are both mad at me and worried. Denali can't come in our kennel with me anymore and they are watching me all the time. They are talking about something called a "snip". I don't know what that is but it doesn't sound like a good thing for me! They love me and know that us Mals can have attitudes to match our size so they are just trying to figure out how to teach me about being a good packmate. I hope they can figure it out before they call the "snip" guy. Mom said I was acting like a typical guy on a Saturday night with too much "test-ur-own stuff" out looking for a fight. Guess I didn't really do my part to help her settle down from her day Friday, did I?

So, if any of you have any good suggestions that might help my Mom, please go ahead and post them. Who knows....maybe this "snip" thing is the way to go.