Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can you believe it??

Woo there EveriPup~
Guess what??? I'm BACK!! It's been waaay too long since I have gotten to post. The GREAT news is that I have been cutting back on my Moosekolito budget and since I've been able to save a few pennies, I was able to give my assistant the 'go ahead' to get us a new laptop for blogging! WOOHOO!!!
We all know what that means. NO MORE EXCUSES for not keeping up with my blog.
Now, if we can just move off of dial-up, I'll be able to share pictures easier. Hopefully, my next post will have some included, but fur now.....

Remember to Keep it Furrii,
Your pal,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stud Muffin Wednesday

Woo there~

I've been wooing at the assitant again and I think I have managed to get her to cooperate on behalf of all the pups that are helped by Harnessed to Hope. Meeshka, the Siberian Queen of Everithing is putting on a marathon 100 blog posts this week to raise money for Harnessed to Hope so they can continue to rescue and rehome more pups. Please check out her puptastic efforts here:
One of the things that we have been asked to do is to post a special picture. Since, I have been taking SZK's photo taking classes, I was unable to cooperate for the special picture BUT my big siber-bro Denali, here he is:


He's a veri handsome guy and he's doin' his part to help raise as many dollars as pawsible for HTH.

Thanks for helpin' me out with the post, Nali!

Keep it Furri....
(and to donate to Meeshka's 100 post blogathon)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Visitors

Woo there~

Since summer is flyin' by, I thought I better share some pics of some of the visitors that have stopped by my place.

First there was this little guy that Dad found in our kennel after we alerted him to the invasion. He looks kind of scary and big in one picture but turns out....
he was just a wee little guy.

And then there were these little ones:

Aren't they just the cutest??
And then there is the visitor that never goes away:

Yep, that's Porchie in all his shaved glori. Silly guy disappeared the entire winter and came back looking like a matted mess. I don't know how much money my hu-mom spent to get him shaved but I'm pretty sure she took it out of MY toy budget.

If it gets too bad, I'll just steal Echo's bunni:Pffft.......

Remember to keep it furri,

Friday, July 18, 2008


That was the response I got from my lazi assistant when I asked her to get me back into the blog world AGAIN. I've got lots of great ideas and stories to share but getting them from my noggin' to her moving fingers has proved difficult. So, here are a few pics that I don't think I have shared yet....anyone want to get "dirty"?


plus this...

Woo there Dad....whatcha doin? Huh? What was "I" doin'?


Hehe.....remember everipup....Keep it Furri~

PeeEss: I LOVE chocolate lakes!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The EYES have it...

Woo there~

I've gotten pretty lucky getting my assistant to get me back in the blog world and here is my next story. Some of you already know about this but "she" told me that I really do have to tell everyone "officially" some's not bad news...but it's not that great's just news!
It kind of all started here...
This is me helping train my assistant. She had to go to a lot of classes to learn how to give me livergreat samwiches the right way. Here I am giving her the "when I lay down, you give me livergreat" cue. This next one is the "when I sit, you give me livergreat" cue. As you can see by these pictures, I have my work cut out for me!!

I finally got her to graduate and we were leaving after the big celebration where I wowed the crowd with my training skills which included sit, shake and the impressive roll-over, when "it" happened. I met a guy that I didn't really seem to like very well. He kind of scared me and I showed him that he made me nervous. Well, Mom was worried because I pretty much like everyone. Then she noticed that I was looking at the steps real close when I went up the stairs at home. Hmmm....her tiny little brain started to wonder if there was something wrong. She checked with some people about my "issues" and they said I needed my "chocolate browns" checked. Since we live so furry close to Iowa State University Veterinary School we got an appointment there with their canine ophthalmologist, Dr. Betts who has been there for 30+ years and has looked at a lot of eyes. Here I am in the waiting room...

Mom thought she would try to find me something to look at that would make the time go faster. Can you believe that "this" is the first thing she found?

Pffffft....I'd rather take a nap:

So I did.....

Finally she came up with something better. I'd like to meet this guy and compare swappers.

Pretty soon, my doctor came out and took me back in a room. First he gave me snacks and then he got out some little bouncy balls and I chased them all over the room for him cuz he kept dropping them. Then he turned down the light and took a fancy pen out of his pocket and looked in my eyes with it. Then he gave it to Mom and she looked in my eyes. I have CRYSTALS in there. I thought that was kind of cool when I first heard it but I guess you're not supposed to have them grow in your eyes. Mom figured that those "crystals" were making people look different to me and making the stairs hard to see. My doctor called them "bilateral cataracts" and said that we just have to watch them for now. I'm going to go see one of my favorite people soon. His name is Scott and he runs the training center that I take Mom too. He is going to help me train her some more so she knows how to help me "see" things better if I end up growing more crystals.

Some of my furry good friends sent a wonderful gift to my Mom cuz she was bein' a baby about my crystals and I promise to share that furry wonderful story soon. But, in the mean time, I know there are a lot of you who are interested in getting another perspective on just how big I am, so I am going to share a furry awesome picture of me and Hollybollybananaboo's Mom!! She gives great hugs....and snooter kisses too!! I hope she comes back to visit with my furry special mal-a-sis Holly very soon.

Thanks to all my friends for thinking about me and for dropping by my blog, but please don't worry about me...I've got a really good snooter!

Remember all.....keep it furry!


Friday, June 6, 2008


Woo there pups~

After an extended absence, I am back to blog world!! I've got to try to catch you all up on what I've been up to since my last blog but I'm going to have to do that a little bit at a time. For now, here are some pictures of our last big snow storm (kind of like a flash-back). Plus, since it is starting to get warm, I thought some of you might want to be reminded of how wonderfully COOL snow it.

ME, of course...enjoying the gloriously COOL snow!

Dad really enjoying the gloriously COOL snow!

This is Dad enjoying the gloriously COOL snow!

Dad still enjoying the gloriously COOL snow!

Check this thing's a gloriously COOL snow movin' machine that our nice neighbor brought over to help us "out" with. It had really big paws and TEETH!

Dad using the gloriously COOL snow as an art medium!

ME after a long day of enjoying the gloriously COOL snow!

ME enjoying a gloriously COOL snooter kiss!

I've sure missed everyone and it's great to back bloggin'!

Remember to keep it furry!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My assistant has been MIA. Up early, home late....some four letter word she keeps muttering about. So until I can get her to focus on what is REALLY important.....ME....I am offering up a few pictures for your enjoyment.

This is me at five weeks when the bipeds first came out to see me. You can see that Mom is VERY impressed with my cuteness and my massive five week old swappers!!

These are a couple of pictures of my belly on the day they came to take me home, 12-24-2006. Who wouldn't love ME for a Christmas gift??

I made myself right at home. From this position I could just roll over and take a drink when I woke up.

Those darn ears of mine were almost as big as my swappers and it took a lot of naps to convince them to stand up like they were supposed to.

Finally, here I am with third Moosekolito. He is named after my litter-brother Tres. Moosekolito Tres has been gone for a while. I think he is somewhere with Dave's Wonky "swimmin' with the fishes". I hope he is having fun with Wonky. My new Moosekolito Quatro has been keeping me company since Tres left for the swimmin' hole. Quatro looks just the same as Tres but he is still fluffy because I haven't yet decided when he will get his "stuff-ectomy".

I sure do miss everypup and hope all of you are all getting lots of walks, treats and tummy rubs.

Remember....Keep it Furry,


Thursday, February 21, 2008

How I've Grown

A lot of my furiends seem to be wondering how BIG I am. I thought I would put up a few pics so everypup could at least see how much I have grown since my hu-mom and hu-dad brought be home to live with my SibeSibs.
Here is the first picture from December 2006:

This is the doorway out to our front deck. I claimed it when I was just a little pup as one of my favorite spots. As you can see by the next picture, I've claimed a bit more doorway. This picture is from late February 2007:

For some reason the doorway keeps getting smaller but it is still one of my favorite spots. This last picture is from January 2008.

I'm still trying to figure out a good way to show everyone how big my swappers are but until I do that, I had Mom try to show everyone what she lovingly calls "my big ole malamute head". I thought it was a silly idea but it was the only thing she could find that was about as big as my head.

That's one of Dad's and it's a size 12.

Mom still can't believe that I can do this:

But I CAN!!!
(PeeS: I'm just warming up the floor of the shower for Mom)

I hope this helped all of woo get some idea of how much I have grown and how big I am now.

Until next time, remember....Keep it Furry!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy MALentines Day!!

I just wanted to do a quick post fur today to wish everypup a....


Me and my favorite Moosekolito waiting fur Mom to make my heart-shaped livergreat Malentines Day treat.

Hearts, hugs and livergreat fur all!

And remember....keep it furry!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally the Fave Five

Sorry all! I was hoping that I had worked things out with my assistant earlier this year but it seems that we continue to have issues regarding her blogging capabilities and her "time". Pffft!
I did manage to convince her that it was time for another post so here it is.

I was tagged a while ago by my Iowa pals Thor and Marco Polo to list some of my favorite things so here goes:
My Fave Five:
TV Shows are...
Ghost Whisperer
Two and A Half Men

You may be wondering why these are my five favorites...well, one of them is on every night of the week and most of the time, shortly after they are over...I get fed!!

Movies are...
A League of Their Own
Field of Dreams
A League of Their Own

These are my favorites because they are about the only movies that I have ever gotten to see.

Things to Say are...
Is that a livergreat samwich woo are making there?
Outta my way....I'm gettin fed!
Pill? What pill? That was just livergreat wasn't it?
Woo there Pretty Girl

Well, those are some of my favorite things. Thanks for tagging me!

I've got some great pictures to share next time but fur now I'll just leave you with this one.

The END....

HEHE....sorry, I couldn't resist!

Remember friends....Keep it Furry!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The "Blues"

Woos from SiberIA.~
It's a comfy 14 degrees right now and Kiana and her tongue are in the house. As you know from my previous PupLick Service Announcement she messed up her tongue. For some silly Siberian reason, she keeps licking the ice now and her tongue won't heal so the bipeds leave her in the house to lay on the couch or their bed or anywhere else she pleases. I'm wondering if she somehow planned this all out....hmmmm!
Anyway, I've got a couple cool pictures to share with you:

Mom was playin with the color on some of our pictures and she liked the way this one turned out from the ice storm.

Here's another one in black and white of one of the trees behind our garage with ice all over it.

This is HollyBollyBananaBoo and me in black and white...well, I'm pretty much always in black and white...ha rooooo!

This is a close up of Denali and my paws after our sledding day when he was telling me how well I did. Mom put this in something called "sepia"...I told you she was "playin".

OH YEAH!! I bet you are wondering why I titled this The "Blues" aren't you??? you go...this is my "sibe-ling" Denali. He's a good guy and aren't his eyes cool???

Well...there you have The "Blues".....

Until next time.....remember:

Keep it furry!!!