Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What the heck!!

That was my first response when I got dropped off at the vet yesterday. What the heck!?!

Last time I went there I jumped on the scale, jumped back off and went right back out the door. Not this time!! They put me in one of their boxes for a while so I made my displeasure about that known!! I heard Mom telling Annie at the front desk that she might want to think about taking phone calls outside. Annie laughed at her!! She wasn't laughing for very long!! They took me out of the box and shaved off some of my leg fur and stuck an ouchie thing in me. That's pretty much all I remember until I managed to moan and groan myself awake a little later. Mom came back for me and Katie (the tech) told her that I had quite a set of pipes on me! Well considering that I was walking funny and felt a little lighter back "there", I am guessing that it must have been a different set of "pipes" they were after. Mom took me to PetSmart and got me another of my most favorite "moosekolitos" and headed home for a long drink of water and a nap. This is me cuddling with my old moose. Mom forgot that I hadn't completely shredded the old one yet so she's saving the new one for later....or for Holly.

Thanks for thinking about me! Uhoh...I think I'm still a little.. s l e e p...e....e.....e...z...z..z.zzzzz!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Somethin's Up!?!

I'm not exactly sure what is goin' on around here but the bi-peds are doin' strange things. All the toilet seats are DOWN and all the drinking water is UP!! I heard Dad saying that "He's not gonna be happy in the morning when he can't have his bone." Then Mom said "He's not gonna be happy when he wakes up from the sleepy juice and figures out what else he's missing tomorrow either." I sure hope they're not talking about ME!! I WANT my morning bone and DON"T WANT whatever that sleepy juice is she's talkin about. I guess I'll have to wait to see what all this is about....I'll try to let everypup know tomorrow what's up....besides the water.

Holly's Relative??

My hu-mom thinks that she saw one of Holly's relatives at a place in Des Moines last week. What do you think?

Friday, November 16, 2007

New "favorite" spot

I FINALLY found it! My new favorite spot. I've been trying out a couple of places but this one seems to fit me just perfect. I like to be there at night and now Mom has figured it out and shines the little flashlight thing on me and laughs. I don't know what she thinks is soooo funny!!

She had to take this with her phone because she thought if she went down the hall for the "good" camera that I would get up. Silly woman....I'm comfy and I'm not goin' anywhere!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A little 'bout alot

This is going to be a little bit of sharing about kind of a lot of different stuff. First, I got to go in to the vet on Saturday for a weigh-in. This is me being squirmy on the scale.... and this is a picture of what the scale was "thinking" while I was on it.....it finally got done "thinking" at 117.5....so, I'm thinking that I'm not too little anymore!

Here is a picture of me waiting for Mom to "help" me in the car. I expect her to do this almost all the time...(except when I was showing off my jumping abilities to my big mal-a-sis HollyBBB).

and here I am enjoying the ride home....
I got to rest when I got home and then the fun began. Out comes the ATV and my XXXL harness and the hook-up lines...Denali and I took a quick practice run for my FIRST TIME and Mom thought I did pretty well. I wanted to go again so they let me go by myself this time...Dad is on the yellow ATV trying to show me where to go....
So this was the fun part of my day. Things were pretty much downhill from here....and so here comes the hard part about sharing stuff....

I have to admit that I have caused some kind of problem for my Mom and Dad...they ran an errand and always like to drive around the field to look for deer when they get back. When they pulled up by our kennel, something happened and I got really upset with Denali or he got mad at me so I thought the way to fix that would be to have a fight. Dad came in and broke it up. Mom took Denali in the house to check him over (he was OK) and now they are both mad at me and worried. Denali can't come in our kennel with me anymore and they are watching me all the time. They are talking about something called a "snip". I don't know what that is but it doesn't sound like a good thing for me! They love me and know that us Mals can have attitudes to match our size so they are just trying to figure out how to teach me about being a good packmate. I hope they can figure it out before they call the "snip" guy. Mom said I was acting like a typical guy on a Saturday night with too much "test-ur-own stuff" out looking for a fight. Guess I didn't really do my part to help her settle down from her day Friday, did I?

So, if any of you have any good suggestions that might help my Mom, please go ahead and post them. Who knows....maybe this "snip" thing is the way to go.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Mom's Crazy Morning

Interesting things happen around here all the time. Mom overslept this morning and she's wierd cuz she thinks that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you know the reason "sooner" and sometimes the reason comes "later". Well, today the "reason" came just after she got on the fast highway to go to work. She had just gotten on and this is what she saw...

She is a "stopper" so she jumped out of the car and grabbed her fire extinguisher from the back and headed over to see if she could help. There were two people trapped in the upside down car. Two big men were trying to get the doors open or kick out some windows. Luckily, there was no fire and they finally got a door open so the people could get out. PHEW!! They were from Minnesota and had left for Phoenix at 3:50 in the morning. The wife thinks that her husband fell asleep. Here is the wonderful part...they were both wearing their seat-belts and they were fine. The husband had a tinky scratch on his hand!! That was it!! The wife was really upset and she said "That's my brand new car!! Look at it!!" Mom said "I can see your car but I am looking at YOU and YOU are HERE!!" She stayed with them (since they were out in the "sticks" and not from here) and once they figured out that they needed to rent a car and go back home to figure things out, she took them in to Des Moines so they could rent a car. One of the volunteer firemen that came from New Virginia is the guy that takes the tractor around our hay field and makes it into big round things. She said HI and he said that he knew she would be good help for the Minnesoootans. This is him directing traffic so Mom doesn't get hurt.

Now she's ALL hyper and can't settle down. She said she was scared what they were going to find when they got the car doors open. I think that now she knows why she woke up late...don't you?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Birthday n' Stuff

I want to thank all of you for your thoughtful Birthday Wishes! It's nice to have sooo many great friends. Speaking of friends, as some of you may know, I have a new friend. It's Dave with the Army of Four. We got off to a bit of a rough start but sometime those are the friendships that remain the strongest. I can't think of too many birthday gifts that are better than a new friend!

On to the birthday celebration. It actually didn't get started on time because of some Central Iowa silliness called "Beggar's Night". If you didn't grow up here and already know what it is, I will try to describe it. It's like Halloween, but it's not on Halloween. It always happens on October 30th. Somewhere way back in history some silly bi-ped thought it would be safer for the little bi-ped kids to not be out on Halloween with all the big, scary bi-peds. So they just made this day up. Anyway, the little bi-peds dress up and do their door-to-door trick-0r-treating....AND....they have to tell a joke (the "trick") before they get their candy (the "treat"). It actually ends up being kind of fun unless you move in new to the area and don't have any candy on the 30th.

OK...that's why the party started late...kind of...since we live out in the "sticks" there are no little bi-peds that come to our house EXCEPT for the little niece Cheyenne who is four. She comes special to our house every year and the hu-mom gets her a special pumpkin and loads it up with goodies. We had to wait outside until she left cuz...well, since there are five of us and she is little and she came as the cute little Indian Princess Pocahontas, they didn't want us to bump her around, mess up her costume or try to steal her pumpkin. She did have some stuff in there I would have liked though!!

Once they were gone, we came in and look what I found. Mom said I should check it out cuz she didn't think I had ever seen one.

It was pretty neat...Mom said his name was Jack O'Lantern.

Soon it was time for the livergreat cake. It came on top of my regular dinner and had a candy corn candle on top. I LOVED it and made it disappear in no time. I shared pieces with my SibeSibs so everyone was happy.

Between all the nice birthday wishes, making a new friend (woof-out to Dave), meeting my first jack-o-lantern and having my own livergreat cake, it was a wonderful birthday. Thanks for making it extra special.