Sunday, July 26, 2009

We don't need no STINKIN' LEASHES...

Woo there Everione~

Check out the pics from today. Mom is startin' to trust us a little more so today was mi first ever "free" day. I got to cruise the yard with NO LEASH!! Kaynh and Echo did too for a little bit. Kiana got a free run with Kaynh but had Dad worried when she didn't come back from the deer corner right away. Mom wasn't as worried as he was. She trusts us a little more than he does. Everipup except for Denali got a free run. He's a known flight risk but he got a run with the long rope today so he was happi. BTW....we've got her right where we want her...HA!!

I bet all of woo are wondering why she would give us a "free" day...if you have to know right away you can look at the veri last picture. Be brave though and check out the other pics first.

Ahh....the smell of FREEDOM!!!!

Cruisin' the garden....

Perimeter duty and patrol with Kaynh...
The reasons.....
Can you tell what they are? This is a Momma raccoon and her two babies. We snoofed out at least five of 'em so far. Woo just never know what you're gonna snoof around here.....
Keep it furri everione~
Your pal,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shirts for Phantom

Woo there Everione~

Gheesh, FINALLY!! I woo'd and woo'd at Mom to get me back on here. There was summthin' furri important that I needed to get done. I flashed the chocolate browns at her and then threatened to smoosh her and finalli she caved and was putti in my paws for the evening. I directed her to the bedroom and convinced her to find the craziest colored shirt she could and then I challenged her to squeeze me in to it. It is actualli quite stretchi and maybe even a little bit comfi. Aniway, I'm joining summ of my furiends in shirt support blogs fur our buddi Phantom of the OP Pack. He had summ surgery and is not too happi about having to wear "the shirt" so a bunch of us wanted to show him that it isn't all that bad and we have managed to actualli put a lot of smiles on the biped faces whilst trying on summ biped "fur". Well, here's my photo shoot. Phantom...just wanted to give you a "woo out": I'm here fur ya pal. Keep feelin' better everiday!!!!
Here's summthin' to put that Siberian smile back on yer face smile.... this what they call a muscle shirt?

HaRooo......Get Well Soon!!!

Remember.....Keep it Furri Everione!!

Your pal,