Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My assistant has been MIA. Up early, home late....some four letter word she keeps muttering about. So until I can get her to focus on what is REALLY important.....ME....I am offering up a few pictures for your enjoyment.

This is me at five weeks when the bipeds first came out to see me. You can see that Mom is VERY impressed with my cuteness and my massive five week old swappers!!

These are a couple of pictures of my belly on the day they came to take me home, 12-24-2006. Who wouldn't love ME for a Christmas gift??

I made myself right at home. From this position I could just roll over and take a drink when I woke up.

Those darn ears of mine were almost as big as my swappers and it took a lot of naps to convince them to stand up like they were supposed to.

Finally, here I am with Tres...my third Moosekolito. He is named after my litter-brother Tres. Moosekolito Tres has been gone for a while. I think he is somewhere with Dave's Wonky "swimmin' with the fishes". I hope he is having fun with Wonky. My new Moosekolito Quatro has been keeping me company since Tres left for the swimmin' hole. Quatro looks just the same as Tres but he is still fluffy because I haven't yet decided when he will get his "stuff-ectomy".

I sure do miss everypup and hope all of you are all getting lots of walks, treats and tummy rubs.

Remember....Keep it Furry,