Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The "Blues"

Woos from SiberIA.~
It's a comfy 14 degrees right now and Kiana and her tongue are in the house. As you know from my previous PupLick Service Announcement she messed up her tongue. For some silly Siberian reason, she keeps licking the ice now and her tongue won't heal so the bipeds leave her in the house to lay on the couch or their bed or anywhere else she pleases. I'm wondering if she somehow planned this all out....hmmmm!
Anyway, I've got a couple cool pictures to share with you:

Mom was playin with the color on some of our pictures and she liked the way this one turned out from the ice storm.

Here's another one in black and white of one of the trees behind our garage with ice all over it.

This is HollyBollyBananaBoo and me in black and white...well, I'm pretty much always in black and white...ha rooooo!

This is a close up of Denali and my paws after our sledding day when he was telling me how well I did. Mom put this in something called "sepia"...I told you she was "playin".

OH YEAH!! I bet you are wondering why I titled this The "Blues" aren't you??? you go...this is my "sibe-ling" Denali. He's a good guy and aren't his eyes cool???

Well...there you have The "Blues".....

Until next time.....remember:

Keep it furry!!!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Puplick Service Announcement

Summit here with a message for all of my furry, four-pawed friends! Be careful what you lick when the temperature drops.

It was a brisk 7 degrees last evening and we were anxious to get into the house for the night. When Dad brought us in, Mom noticed that Kiana's front legs were "pink"! She sent everyone to their crates or "rooms" so she could look her over good. She wiped Kiana's legs with her hand and discovered that they were wet and frozen...and still pink. She got a paper towel and rubbed her legs and some of the pink came off. Hmmmm....I could just hear the rocks tumbling around in her head. She looked all over her chest for other red stuff. Well, finally she remembered that Kiana likes to "lick" her front legs. It literally got brighter in our house when the light bulb in her head went off and she said...."Hey, let me see your tongue!"

Well, much to her surprise this is what Kiana's tongue looked like:

Ouchie OWWWW!!!
Can you see those red spots there on her tongue?

"We" know what happened outside and aren't telling but, Mom thinks that she figured it out. Yup, the old warm, wet tongue on the cold, frozen, metal post. Mom's going to make her watch "A Christmas Story" tonight so she can see what happens to bipeds when they try that.

Please, if you or any of your pack mates think that this would be silly, fun or entertaining could lose your licker.

Stay safe and remember.....

Keep it furry!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who is this "Thunder" guy??

I've been hearing a lot the last week or so about some special Siberian by the name of Thunder. Mom was spending some time with her "Sibernutter" friends when she saw a post about this guy who was in a shelter in Jefferson, IA. That is only about an hour and a half away from us so she decided to help get him a new home. He was one popular guy!! Several people said they would like to give him a furever home. His new family ended up being in Colorado so Mom left me with Dad fur the weekend and picked up "El Guapo" (the name the nice shelter lady gave him because it means "Handsome one") in Jefferson then snagged Holly's mom (who also left Holly for the weekend) then they picked up another little guy in Salina, KS. His name was Skylar. The gal told them that Skylar had "bitten someone" in his adoptive home, that he didn't like men and didn't like the back of his neck touched. Well, in my mal-opinion, if some stupid guy had been mean to me and hurt my neck I wouldn't like them either and I probably would have asked him to stop with my teeth too!!! Mom didn't think that he even did that because all he did was a little play biting and who hasn't done THAT???
Anyway, they took off and headed across Kansas and into Colorado. They met Ralph who was going to rehab and foster Skylar in Castle Rock, CO. Skylar didn't like him but Ralph got down on the ground and was very patient with him. With the help of a couple livergreat sandwiches he soon had Skylar "eating out of his hand". Mom said livergreat worked wonders!! It was even what got Skylar in Ralph's truck and Ralph was so nice that he didn't mind shaking Mom's hand even though it had livergreat on it!!! Holly's mom has all the pictures of Skylar and I am sure Holly will make her put some of them on Holly's blog....or there will be squishing and smooshing until it happens.

While Skylar was "all puppy" the "Mal-a-Moms" (I think they like that new name) decided that Thunder was actually a cat zipped into a Siberian suit!!! He slept a lot and was a perfect gentleman the entire trip. He was really good with Skylar too! Since his new sister is the legendary Stormy, who is the expert at tissue destruction and re-distribution, they are hoping that she will woo that cat right out of him and help him find his inner-Sibe!

Here are some pictures of the handsome Thunder during his trip and meeting his new family.

Mom said he was a really good c0-pilot....well, until he fell asleep. Which he did a lot! They thought is was maybe some of the quietest time that he might have had in a while.

Yup....this is what he looked like most of the time.

Here he is at his new home....

Hello there new Mommy!!!

Woo don't look like a Siberian! (That's one of Stormy's Pompom brothers JoJo)

That's Holly's Mom and Thunder's new Mom checking him for a zipper. He looks pretty comfortable already, doesn't he???

Mom was very happy to be able to help these two Siberians get new homes and I was furry glad to see her when she got home!! She had visited with the AO4 on the way home and said that my good pal Dave was just one sweet guy AND they gave them their Sunday Salute which meant a lot to Mom. I am glad she got to check Dave out in "fur"son since he and my mal-a-sis Holly are now apparently "promised" to each other. I'll let one of their Moms tell THAT story. She said that I would like all of the AO4 and they put on quite the Siberian skills show. She said they were very gracious hosts and hostesses and that their Mom and Dad were wonderful too.

Maybe next time they take off on one of these excursions they will take me along. Gonna have to work on her with the ole "chocolate browns" a bit more....

High paws to Thunder and Skylar, the Mal-a-Moms and evefurryone that helped these fine boys. That includes all of the Sibernutters who kept them in their thoughts and prayers during the trip. I know that meant a lot to Mom.

Remember to Keep it Furry.....


Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have finally finished negotiations with my keyboard staff and she has agreed to post this week before everypup thinks I have disappeared. She has been working for several days to help a couple of pups get to new homes in Colorado and they took poor Denali in for his snip-snip so I have been basically ignored for a few days. I'm just lucky that they didn't forget to FEED me!! Good thing I have my trusty Moosekolito to keep me company. This is Tres...I haven't completely destroyed him yet but he did undergo a partial stuff-ectomy a couple of weeks ago. I have been taking it easy on him since then. The ones that came before him, Uno and Dos have oddly disappreared so I am trying to keep Tres around a little longer.

I also see that the bewootiful Khyra has given me an award. This is the very first award I have ever received...unless I can count the graduation certificate I got from my obedience class. Anyway, it is a wonderful honor and I understand that I am to pass it along and I promise to do so very soon. I'm so furry glad I can help "make your day"!!
In addition to a picture of my Moosekolito and my award, I am including a few pictures of stuff that has been going on around here recently:

I got a furry special package from my bewootiful mala-sis Holly! It had a Sibe stuffy, some wonderful chewies and a big mug for Mom with a dog sled on it. Thank woo Holly!!
Speaking of dog sleds:

Here is my Mom with our sled and the wonderful snow we had fur a while at our place.

I know this is a little far away but that is me on the right with Echo and Denali and Dad. It was a lot more fun bringing him back than it was taking him UP the hill at the beginning!!

Some of woo may want to turn away from the computer for this next picture so woo don't attack the screen. This is a picture of one of the things at our place that drives me CRAZY!!

It's the PORCH KITTY!!!! Mom had to lock her in the garage whilst we were sledding cuz she thought I would drag her and the sled after the cat. I 'm not sure why she thought THAT!!

This is a far away picture too but woo can see the strap of my harness going down my chest! I must say that I fill out my harness quite is all about looking good isn't it???

This is Denali and I after my first real snow sledding. He's a pretty good guy. He was telling me that I did a good job and that I'll get the hang of it soon. I hope I can pull as good as him someday. He is very serious about his work on the sled. I think he is trying to paw-meld some of his talent into my swappers.
Now we just need the snow to come back so I can try again. We might be going to a Boy Scout Winter camp next weekend to talk about dog sledding. Maybe I'll learn some more stuff too.

Wooo-ps, I almost furgot to announce what those huge tracks were in our field over Christmas. They were, indeed, WILD TURKEY!! There must have been a whole pack of them down there. We had a few correct answers and some fun ones too....Thanks for posting your guesses!!
Well, the keyboard staff is starting to whine so I better let her work on something else fur a while. But one more request before we go:
Everypup please keep your paws crossed for Holly's and my hu-mom as they venture out to Colorado with the Iowa pup Thunder and the Kansas puppy Skylar to get them to their new families. Of course, I would like to go too but Mom says I need to stay home and take care of Dad. Guess I have to start thinking about to "take care" of Dad. I'll let woo know in my next post.

Woos everypup and remember to Keep it Furry!!